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Customer Acquisition Services - Swiss Digital Marketers

Get New Clients with a Lead Generation System,
Automated and Simplified

We custom design and build for you sales funnels from top to bottom. 

Understand how this will work for your business, 

​Building A Successful Marketing Sales Funnel Is A Journey...
Experience the SDM Method

Every successful journey starts with a destination and a plan of how to get there. Do you have clearly defined goals that will help your business prosper online? Do you have a plan that will get you there with no stresshassle or detours?

​SDM is here to guide and support you on your journey.

We will guide you through the jungles of digital marketing and create the tools you need for your online business success.

Conversion Funnel Design

We’ll help you find the ‘big picture’ of your online marketing & sales funnel. Then we’ll help you clarify your digital marketing goals, to help focus your team on growing your business online. We run this first step as a workshop where you get a plan the first time we meet.

Strategy Road Mapping

​The second step is to develop your digital marketing road map. By figuring out the strategy, process, people and workflow you get a plan you can action immediately. The plan is yours, use it to get started internally, pitch another agency or work with SDM.

Living Marketing Plans Simplified

Your marketing plan is a living document, it needs to be thought about and refined every day. When you work with us, SDM will track, analyze and optimize your marketing funnel every month. Benefit from continuous improvements using proven growth hacking and evergreen campaigns. Get maximum impact for your online marketing spend.

Marketing Automation & System Building

​With your digital marketing plan and sales funnel in place, it’s time to grow your business online. SDM will build and help you operate your new digital marketing system. Leave the daily struggles with online marketing and technology to us. Focus on your business and watch it thrive online.

​SDM Builds Funnels With Benefits

Plug & Play Service

Enjoy our full online marketing sales automation starting today.
You’ll avoid dealing with planning, content creation and technology.

Quick ROI

We run for you an accountable marketing sales funnel that gets your results. Ensure conversion at every stage of your funnel and  get a sustainable ROI.

​Endless Possibility

Access to our global network of specialists to cover every aspect of your online marketing. All while working locally with experienced Swiss marketers.

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Complementary services

We’re With You At Every Step Of The Way


We don’t just build conversion funnels, we run them. This means our funnels are built to use channels and tools that get results for your business, including:

SEO, Content Marketing, Email Automation, Web Copy, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. 

​​Staff Training

Want to empower your team to run your conversion funnel?

SDM provides both online and on-site training packages that allow you to do just. 

Speak to us to find out more.

​​Performance Building

When you’re too busy running your business to take responsibility for optimizing your online performance, outsource it to us.
We’ll track and analyze your online results, optimize your funnel and report back to your team every month.

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What People Say About Our Funnels


“A true "architect", Bertrand knows how to put his vision at the service of digital efficiency and brand image. Passionate about his activity, he is truly a professional that it is desirable to have in his teams.”

-Marc G.

Book Your Automated ​​​​​Conversion Funnel Workshop Now

Fill in the form below to book your own Automated Conversion Funnel workshop. During the workshop, we will plan and design your ownresults-driven Marketing Sales Funnel together.

Here’s how it works:

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  • ​We come to your office to hold the workshop with your team.

Price: CHF 890.-

To SMEs and Startups, we offer a CHF -300.- discount as our support for your project. 

This offer is limited to 2 per month. Apply today.

Here’s What You’ll Get From The Workshop

We’ll design a marketing funnel that clarifies and simplifies your online client acquisition system. SDM will help you: 

  • ​Find and clarify your digital marketing ideas and goals.
  • ​Validate your onlinemarketing and sales structures.
  • ​Get anactionable digital marketing plan that will help your team focus on results.
  • ​Develop a launch plan and timeline for your conversion funnel.

​​Book Your Private Workshop Now

  • Instructor : Bertrand Blancheton
  • Duration : 3h
  • Location : on site
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Price: CHF 890.

To SMEs and Startups 

We offer you a CHF -300.- discount as our support for your project. 

This offer is limited to 2 per month.

Apply today.

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