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Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant - Swiss Digital Marketers

​Get the things done with Digital Marketing Experts

SDM experts will take care of your digital marketing activity and get you more clients online that you can focus on your business.

​ Our Swiss Digital Marketers are right for you if:

You want to set up a marketing system that automatically gets you new clients.

You want to make sure that digitalized your marketing spend gets you a measurable Return-On-Investment.

​You don’t have the budget for an expensive and highly skilled digital marketing expert. (Or recruiting and on-boarding them is too costly)

​You don’t have the head count for a digital marketing expert.

​You have the feeling you are missing lot of the opportunities that digital marketing can provide your business.

​You want to set up a marketing system that automatically gets you new clients.’re struggling

Our Experts Are Tried, Trusted & Proven

SDM’s local digital marketing experts work with you in Switzerland and will assist you with all your online marketing needs. They are hand-picked, trained and supported by an international team of specialists.

We Hire The Best Talent

We headhunt the best Swiss digital marketers to provide your business with the expertise it needs to grow online.

They are hand-picked and follow our strict on-boarding program. When you meet them, they are ready to start. 

​We are Monthly Updated

As part of the SDM network, your expert benefits from all the growth and performance improvements we discover and learn every month.  

Stay up to date and beat the competition through cutting edge knowledge & tools.

Our Methods Set SDM Apart From Other Web Agencies…

Ever Green Campaigns to maximize your investment

​Inbound Marketing to attract & convert the right clients

​Growth Hacking to minimize costs and get results

​… and you will enjoy working with us!

We adapt the work Format

Get your SDM on a part-time basis (*Most Popular), as an Interim Manager (*Large/Long Projects) or on retainer (larger businesses).

Whatever model works best for you, we’ll adapt & deliver.

Simplicity & Peace Of Mind

We make your life simple. Our organization provides you with an expert who is you single contact point.

This simplifies communication and ensure synergy in your digital marketing efforts.

A Full-Stack Service

How? By securing the best specialist for your project from our network.
We’ve been working with digital marketing specialist for years. And we’ll ensure that they deliver quality work using the last technologies, e.g. chat bot or big data.

​Lower Costs & Risks

​You don’t have to sink massive amounts of money and time into figuring out online marketing. Working with experienced marketers only ensures ROI and reduces failures.
We build funnel in any industries, including yours.


Our mission and passion is to help Business and Marketing leaders from Swiss SMEs get the most out of their online marketing. Here are some of the amazing clients we’ve helped grow their online business:

What People Say About Our Experts

“You are a very professional team,
 I realize that with each step again.”

André S.

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