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We’re Looking For Amazing Swiss Digital Marketers

​SDM is always on the lookout for amazing digital marketers to join our Swiss team. Do you have what it takes? Have a look at the statements below and find out. Your good fit for SDM if:
  • You are passionate about digital marketing, and it shows in everything you do.
  • You believe that every marketing activity needs to deliver results.
  • You have of several years of experience in your specialty and a strong portfolio.
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    You’re a team player, respect and get along with other people -regardless of who they are and what they do.
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    You live, eat and breathe client service. No matter how small or large the task and client –you give your all to get results.
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    You are constantly learning and experimenting in your field.
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    You are German native language and have strong English skills and understand Swiss culture and business etiquette.
  • check
    You take total ownership of a client project and deliver client projects on spec and on time.
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    You’re able to meet clients and work onsite throughout Switzerland (as required).

If the above sounds like you, Check out our latest job postings!

Looking To Work On Your Own Terms? Join Team SDM!

We’re a small team that is young, agile and 120% focused on getting results.
At SDM we empower you to take charge of your career and work. We don’t just give you a way to earn money doing what you love… We want you to thrive!
Here are some of the things that make working at SDM fun, productive and rewarding:
  • A flexible work structure.
  • Lean & quick decision making.
  • Engaging and rewarding projects.
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    Total results focus.
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    The power to do your best work.
  • check
    Space & time to explore new ideas, trends and methods in digital marketing.
  • check
    A learning environment where we share information, inspiration and skills.
  • check
    The chance to work with amazing clients on whose businesses you’ll have a real, measurable impact.
  • check
    Work remotely, directly from the client’s office, at home or from our shared office as needed.

Latest Jobs

This is a listing of our latest opening and vacancies. Follow the process outlined in the posting and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Don’t See An Opening? Create One!

If you think you’re SDM material but don’t see an open vacancy, don’t despair. You can still apply to work with us, but you’ll have to impress us…

Blow us away with your incredible experience, amazing skills, and powerful client results!

Be creative, but always remember we’re Swiss. Getting our attention is only the first step, it’s what you do with that attention that matters. Tell us why we need you, then persuade us that we do.

We look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with!