Which Swiss Businesses Will Benefit The Most From Local SEO?

Which Swiss Businesses Will Benefit The Most From Local SEO?

14 Feb,2019 by Bertrand Blancheton
Which Swiss Businesses Benefit The Most From Local SEO? - Swiss Digital Marketers


What type of Swiss businesses can benefit the most from local SEO?

If you’ve read our massive SEO guide by now, you might be asking yourself that question.

And that’s exactly what we’ll be covering today. After reading this article you’ll know exactly which type of businesses will benefit the most from local SEO in Switzerland.

Things we’ll cover include:

  • Buyer Intent (This Will Make You CHF 💸).
  • The Power of Google’s ‘Near Me’ Option (Why Location Matters 🗺️)
  • Our list of Swiss SMEs that will benefit from local SEO.

So, if you want more customer from your town or canton in Switzerland, keep on reading!

Buyer Intent — How Motivated Are Your Customers?

Local SEO is driven by buyer intent.

Buyer intent is the probability that a prospective customer will buy from you. Which in turn is driven by how motivated your customers are to solve whatever pain, needs, or wants they are facing.

Let’s flip the Golden Circle model developed by Simon Sinek to explain it.

According to this model, if we want to understand a customer ‘search (i.e. buyer) intent’, we need to know:

• What?: are they trying to solve;
• How?: are they trying to solve it;
• Why?: are they trying to solve it, i.e. underlying pains, needs or wants.

To demonstrate this in action, let’s pretend that we’re looking for a dentist in Zürich. When I search for ‘zahnarzt in zürich’ I get the following results:

Local SEO Example Zürich 'zahnarzt in zürich' - Swiss Digital Marketers

Ok, now we can break the results down with the Golden Circle model.

When I search for a dentist in Zürich, it’s most likely because I have an issue with my teeth. That’s our ‘What’.

Secondly, I’m trying to solve my problem by getting help from a dentist. That’s my ‘How’.

Lastly, based on the What & How I’m doing this because I have a pain or need that is strong enough for me to seek a solution right away (e.g. a toothache).

This means I have a high buyer intention when I google for dentists in Zürich.


Google’s ‘Near Me’ Search Function

While buyer intent is a powerful local SEO indicator, Google’s ‘near me’ search function makes it even more interesting.

When I type in “zahnarzt im Umkreis” Google shows me the following:

Local SEO Example Zürich 'zahnarzt near me' - Swiss Digital Marketers

This is similar to my previous search results. But this time Google shows me the dentists that are closest to me based on my location.

In fact, Google automatically applies this local modifier to certain keywords.


Because by making logical assumptions about buyer intent, Google can serve us with better search results.

Remember, Google loves relevance. Relevant results get preferential treatment. And in this case relevant = local.


Swiss Businesses That Will Benefit From Local SEO

When we combine buyer intent (i.e. a pressing need) and Google’s results based on my location (i.e. ‘im Umkreis’), we can figure out who benefits the most from local SEO.

Now, I just want to emphasize that SEO is a vital part of any successful digital marketing mix. Please read our complete guide to SEO to learn why.

But in the context of local SEO, businesses that fulfill a pressing need and are local will always win.

Therefore there are many Swiss businesses that will benefit from local SEO.

So to make it easier, let’s group them into two broad categories — urgent and non-urgent buyer intent.

For example:

  • Doctors
  • Plumbers
  • Dentists
  • Locksmiths

Are services that people search for when they have an urgent problem.

When I search for a locksmith in Bern it’s because I need help right away, i.e. I’ve probably locked myself out of my house.

On the other hand:

  • Gyms
  • Supermarkets
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Financial Advisers

Are examples of services and retailers that are (generally) not urgent but locally relevant.

If I live in Luzern and I’m looking for a good Cafe to meet some friends at, the best Cafes in Paris are of no use to me.

So if you’re providing a service or selling products whose benefits are enjoyed locally – you will benefit from local SEO.


Closing Thoughts

Local SEO is important for all Swiss businesses. But it gets very powerful results for SMEs in the service and retail sectors.

If you’re in a market where buyer intent is urgent and/or goods and services are consumed locally – local SEO is for you!

Google’s ‘near me’ search function is a great (and easy) way to get more customers from your town or canton in Switzerland.

So try it out, and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!


What is your experience with local SEO? Have you tried it out? Did it get you the results you had been looking for? What works best for you?

We’d love to hear what’s worked for you in the past or what you’re going to try in the future in the comments below.


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Bertrand is an expert in online customer acquisition. Prior to his entrepreneurial involvement, Bertrand worked as a digital marketing manager for several large Swiss companies. He has also been recognized and honoured several times for his work as a marketing innovator and top Swiss digital influencer. He writes about Digital Marketing on this blog and offer free group consultation called "Coffee and Funnel". Let's meet! «Swiss Digital Marketers »

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