Why Marketing Personas Can Help You Optimize Your Digital Content

Why Marketing Personas Can Help You Optimize Your Digital Content

26 Nov,2018 by Bertrand Blancheton
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What Are Marketing Personas?

Marketing personas speak directly and clearly to your customer’s needs. If you’re looking to improve the relevance and impact of your online content, use personas.

Our colleagues at Hubspot define marketing personas as:

“…fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. Personas help us …internalize the ideal customer we’re trying to attract, and relate to our customer as real humans.”

All parts of your digital marketing will improve from developing solid marketing personas.

By understanding the needs, wants and values of your customers you’ll find out how to best speak to them.


The Basic Marketing Persona

We here at SDM recommend that you create three to five personas to represent your audience.

This’ll help you can account for all the diversity of your customer. While still being specific enough to focus on unique needs and values.

Some of the basics parts of a marketing persona include:

  • The name of the persona
  • Job title
  • Demographics
  • Goals & Challenges
  • Values & Fears
  • Marketing Message


How To Build Marketing Personas

Marketing personas are based on data, audience insights, and estimations. There are many different sources of information that you can use to build your own personas. But some of the key ones we like are:


1) Web Analytics

Your website analytics tell you where your clients come from and how they find you. Keywords reveal the needs and problems that lead your audience to you. As an extra, they’ll also tell you which channels they use to find answers.


2) Social Media Listening

Another source of rich data for personas is social media.

Go to where your audience hangs out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and co. Here you can listen to them discuss their needs, problems, and values.

Don’t forget to check reviews of products and services like your own on Amazon and Yelp. These are great indicators of what your competitors are getting right and wrong.


3) Client Surveys & Interviews

Never discount the power of client surveys and interviews. The only ones who really know what your customers want are your customers. So ask them! You’ll find out some interesting (and profitable) things!


4) Talk To Your Team

Your employees may have important insights into your customers and market. They spend the whole day communicating and working with your customers. So ask them for their insights and you’re bound to find some valuable nuggets of information.


Closing Thoughts

When you pull this all together, you’ll have a detailed profile of your ideal customer.

This profile will help you target your customer based on their actual needs. With messages, they understand and care about.

Personas are the foundation of successful growth hacking and great evergreen content.

Use marketing personas to optimize your content and create better experiences for customers.


What is your experience with marketing personas? Have you ever used them? Were they helpful?

We’d love to hear what’s worked for you in the past or what you’re excited about trying in the future in the comments below.


PS: Use your personas to inform your Influencer Marketing & get better results from your SEO.


Bertrand is an expert in online customer acquisition. Prior to his entrepreneurial involvement, Bertrand worked as a digital marketing manager for several large Swiss companies. He has also been recognized and honoured several times for his work as a marketing innovator and top Swiss digital influencer. He writes about Digital Marketing on this blog and offer free group consultation called "Coffee and Funnel". Let's meet! «Swiss Digital Marketers »

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