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SDM Founder, Bertrand Blancheton is happy to help journalist, bloggers and others Influencers with interviews, feature articles, expert commentary & guest blog posts.

​Bertrand loves to discuss the following topics:

Social Selling & Influencer Marketing 

Bertrand isn’t just a digital marketing, he’s also a recognised Swiss digital influencer. This means he’s got ‘insider’ knowledge and experience of how Swiss brands can sell themselves through social media and through influencer marketing.

Digital Marketing In Switzerland

​News, trends and innovation in Swiss digital marketing. If you need insight into how things work and where they are going Bertrand is the man to speak to.

How Swiss SMEs Can Grow Online

SDM build online marketing funnels that help Swiss SMEs make more sales and grow their business online. This includes lead generation through SEO, content and inbound marketing, PPC, and etc.

​We’ve worked on project for these dynamic brands…

Some of our most recent press coverage includes:

Bertrand Blancheton’s Official Biography

Bertrand is a digital marketing expert, dedicated entrepreneur and passionate urban gardener.

His work in the Swiss marketing industry has won him official recognition as “Marketing Vordenker”, “Social Media Ambassador” and “Digital Marketing Influencer”. Bertrand has worked as an online marketing expert for some of Switzerland’s biggest brands.

He founded SDM after his own experience as an entrepreneur taught him how difficult it is for Swiss SMEs to access professional digital marketing expertise to build online client acquisition system.

SDM helps SMEs to dig deep, clarify their goals and message, and develop an online marketing plan to achieve them. In others words, SDM’s is the first Digital Marketing Agency that ensures ROI on your digital marketing spend through client acquisition.

This is made possible thanks to a disruptive business model. We leverage modern workflows, the power of community and a responsibility based project approach.

SDM believes that modern marketing should serve and empower Swiss SME’s and help the most promising Startups become successful! This vision is what drive Bertrand and SDM to constantly innovate! Entrepreneurship is part of everything we do​.

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